miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Why I still buy paper books.

I think the Amazon kindle e-books metaphor still lacks many important aspects of real world books.

My point is: It’s in our nature LEND and SHARE books. So Amazon should let us do these things.

In general we LEND personal books like novels, adventures, etc. How many times we lend this kind of books? I think, no more than 5 times.

Then we bought books for the company, by definition we are going to SHARE this book, they are technical books in order to fill our library, I think Amazon hasn’t the concept of enterprise library.

So, when I have to buy a technical book, I have no choice, I have to buy the printed book so that everybody in the company can read the book.

I hope Amazon in some moment allows us:

- Loan a kindle book

- Share a kindle book using a virtual enterprise library or any other mechanism.

When I LEND a book, the book should be removed from my personal kindle.

When I have the book in a library for SHARING everybody with library access can read the book.

The digital world has advantages that we can use or not, in the meantime we still have to buy paper books.