jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

5 things Google should do to improve Nexus One

A month ago I left my IPhone and I started using the Nexus One phone.

As developer, I’m very happy with my Nexus One, but I consider the IPhone is yet far away from a final user perspective.

You can tell me that the next list items are small details, but people in the software arena know “devil is in the details”

Here my 5 “details”

  • When the clock alarm rings, the clock application can never lose focus!

In the Nexus One sometimes the alarm dialog disappears, when alarm is ringing for example if you by mistake (remember you probably were sleeping) , press the home button, or the back button the dialog disappears! You have to do 3 gestures in order to find and turn off the alarm.

I'm imagining my mother with her new Nexus one calling me because she didn't realize how to turn off the alarm! (at 7 am ;)

  • Instant messages.

When a SMS arrives it should be showed directly with a pop up or bubble box! , In IPhone read the last message it is "zero touch away” it is in your screen, in Nexus It is 3 touch away

  • The unlock way.

I cannot unlock the Nexus using just my free thumb finger, I feel uncomfortable using many fingers (index and after thumb) in my hand to unlock the Nexus. I don't know if Apple study the way people catch things, I just realize on this when I move from IPhone to Nexus.

  • I have to scroll down in the Calendar application

It's is very important in mobile devices to respect some basic metaphors of real world things.

Scrolling in mobile devices should be avoided when possible. A calendar is quite similar to a book in real life, so make it similar in smart devices too.

  • Communicate Effectively

The Nexus communication with the final user should be improved.

I talk about this in a previous post

I’m not an IPhone fan, but at this moment I preferring and IPhone over a Nexus One.