jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Google IO 2011 Feedback for Android

Google IO is almost here, I was in the 2010 edition and there were lot of cool stuff .

Google IO as any big conference has many things we like and some things we don't like.
For example in the 2010 edition

I liked food
I didn't like the lack of punctuality
I liked the Nexus One
I liked the HTC 4G
I liked HTML5 Demos


I would like to know (I suppose Google too) what are the most liked things in the conference.
Additionaly I would like to capture some moments directly from our Android devices.
So at the end of the conference we could know what are the most liked stuff and in some way give feedback so we can improve the Google IO 2012.

In order to capture all this feedback during the event I created an Android application using GeneXus.

It is called Google IO Feedback

You can download it directly from de Android Market and start giving feedback and capturing your moments during the event.

Basically you can say: I like food, or whatever. People can vote on things added by others. People can tweet their feelings. People can take pictures, etc.

Actually there are test data, on sunday I'll erase all the data so that we can start adding real stuff.