viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Do not install MyWi on IPad

MyWi is an IPhone application in order to create a WiFi spot using your IPhone. It works like a charm in IPhone but...

If you are thinking in using it for IPad, my advice: Do not use it!!

I did it, and my brand new IPad became a really big IPhone! , it changed my virtual keyboard to a small keyboard (like the IPhone one).

It was funny to see a big IPhone but actually

touch screen became unresponsive, so I restored again to the original OS. You always can restore to the original software using the ITunes Restore option.

Communicate Effectively

This month I switched from my IPhone to a NexusOne .

My idea is not to criticize one or the other, the idea is try to find the best of two worlds, and try to find what are the best practices for Smart Devices Application developing.

So in this post I'll focus in effective communication with the end user.

During the jurney to google IO I set my NexusOne to airplane mode for first time.

During the flight I entered to the official Twitter application for Android in the NexusOne, obviously I had no connection to my 3G.
When I tried to refresh my Twitter timeline the device showed me a ballon that said:

"Can not retrieve Tweets at this time. Please try again later..."

Very good! That is a good message, the problem was the end of the message

"Can not retrieve Tweets at this time. Please try again later [0/]"

This kind of things is design for developers instead of design for users.

So, the first advice we all should remember:

Final users known nothing about our programming languages!

So communicate effectively, and be aware that the final user is not always a developer.

Smart Devices: "It is not a revolt, it is a revolution"

There is a phrase that says: "Each generation is experiencing a revolution in his lifetime"

In terms of technology this phrase seems to be totally wrong.

Clearly there are generations who have been living during:

  • The PC revolution
  • The Internet revolution

And now they are living two new revolutions, the social networking revolution and the Smart Devices revolution.

Living in a tchnological revolution is not easy, very often we didn't realize we were living a revolution, or if we realize we don't have enough agility to navigate the new wave that revolution bring.

We must accept, "It is not a revolt, it is a revolution!!"

In the world of business applications each revolution changes the way we think our applications, each revolution became a challenge but at the same time an opportunity to make our applications in a different way.

Smart Devices (Phones, Tablet, TVs, etc) are changing the way we are living, so they will change the way we create applications.

This will be a technical blog about Smart Devices, at first with focus in IPhone and Android, but for sure there will be new kids on the block like Windows Phone.