sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

My google io 2012 wishes

This year I didn't get a ticket for google-io 2012, from Uruguay I will be waiting for good news, but unlike most people I will not be expecting big announcements, I'll be tuned for small news that allow us to work with Android better, working with Android is frustrating sometimes.

I will not criticize the Android OS fragmentation, I think Google knows that is a big problem.We have been working in a generator for Android, iOS and Blackberry applications and we found several basic stuff difficult to implement on Android

  • Embed a youtube video in an application!

This seems basic, it is possible to do in some devices but it's difficult to make an application that support all OS. There are more than 5 posts on StackOverflow for something as basic as this.

  • Preserve WebView state when rotating the device

I know you can do it, but is so complex to do something that obviously 98% of the cases I want. I do not want to put something in the manifest to support this.

  • Memory problems handling Images

Recently the google team wrote an article on this topic, we suffered a lot with this and we have already solved, but it seems that is something that the framework would have to take care automatically.

  • Having scroll inside scroll is not a crazy design!

It is difficult to explain to our customers when designing screens they can not have a scroll inside another. WhyIOS support the same design, why not Android?In Tablets it happens all the time.

  • Redesign the google-api

It is incomprehensible the need of having a MapActivity to support a map control, there are people who made all their activities MapActivity, i don't like to modify the compatibility library in order to support Maps in my application.Is 2 maps on one screen so crazy? I don't think so.I'm just asking for  Images, Videos, Maps and Scroll to a mobile framework, I think they are basic.


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