viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Open It for VS 2012

I have been working on creating things around Windows 8 using Javascript and WinJS.

I found the need for a command which would take me from an html file to a referenced css, js, html or whatever. (kinda like a Go-To).

Now that VS 2012 is out and that command is still missing, I thought of doing it myself. It is a small extension that adds this command to help me comfortably navigate between files.

The extension is called OpenIT and it has only one command also cleverly named "Open It" ;). It can be installed using this file .

After you install it you'll have the 'Open it' command under the Tools menu.

For a better experience I recommend you to assign a shortcut to the command. In my environment I assigned Ctrl + K + O .

In order to use it put the cursor over the path you want to open. (The path can be delimited by single (') or double (") quotation marks)
'Open it' will open absolute and project relative paths. Additionally, it'll open references from the Windows SDK (paths starting with //)

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